CISCO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.    What is Cisco?

A.    Cisco manufactures the networking devices that connect computers together worldwide. Cisco enjoys about a 75% market share for this type of equipment. Since so much of this equipment is made by Cisco, many employers need and seek people with Cisco skills.

Q.    What is the Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP)?

A.    Cisco's Networking Academy Program is a worldwide E-learning initiative. Aligned to national science and math standards, the program trains students and re-entering workers with the skills to design, configure, and maintain networks of switches, routers, and computers, using both lectures and extensive hands-on laboratories on actual networking equipment. Program participants are well prepared to pass industry-standard professional certification examinations for the highly desired CCENT and CCNA licensure ratings.

Q.    Can just anybody teach these courses?

A.    No, instructors must undergo a rigorous training program of over 250 contact hours, and must achieve several industry-standard certifications, including the Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) and the Cisco CCAI (Cisco Certified Academic Instructor). Additionally, frequent in-services are required to keep up to date with technical and learning management system program requirements, as well as business rules.

Q.    How long have academy courses been around?

A.     The program was started over sixteen years ago and has rapidly expanded worldwide.

Q.    How long has TCC been offering them?

A.    TCC started offering the courses in 1999 after initial instructor training was completed.

Q.    Which TCC campus was the first to offer academy courses?

A.    TCC South Campus offered the first courses.

Q.    Which TCC campus offer cisco courses today?

A.    Today courses are offered at the South, South East, and North East campuses.

Q.    How many Cisco Academies are there?

A.     Over 10 000 academies exist worldwide.

Q.    How many students are currently enrolled worldwide?

A.    About a million (1 000 000) students are currently enrolled.

Q.    How many students have already taken the courses?

A.    Over four million (4 000 000) students have passed through the Academy doors.

Q.    How many different countries worldwide have academies?

A.    About 160 countries have academies established.